Valencia is one of the largest cities in Spain (3rd), as well as the capital for the Valencian Region and Valencian Community. The city is located on the banks of the Turia river, at the east coast of Spain, and with a privileged location next to the Mediterranean sea. Its location makes it one of the main and busiest ports in Europe, as well as one of main economic hubs in Spain. 

The history of Valencia dates back to the Roman era, with the foundation of Valentia Edetanorum as a roman colony in the second century BCE. The city has both Christian and Muslim heritage, as it was the capital of the Muslim Taifa of Valencia and a major trading center for paper, silk, ceramics, glass, and silver. The city also experienced a golden age in the 15th century which gave birth to many of its main landmarks such as El Micalet, la Llotja de la Seda, or las Torres de Serrano. The city has always remained important throughout Spanish’ history, and it has evolved to become a modern and vibrant city with many sites and activities to enjoy, and always with a clear sight into the future. As a proof to this future oriented mind, the city is now represented by Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences), a internationally renowned work by Santiago Calatrava.

Valencia’s strongest points as a unique venue are:

  • It is a modern city with a sight in the future, with its most renowned landmark (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències) being the best representative of a vanguardist and futuristic architecture. This modern and futuristic side makes it perfect to gather around and talk about AI.
  • It has a unique historical heritage that mixes many cultures and styles. This is also represented in many of its historical buildings.
  • Its gastronomy is recognized and known worldwide, with Paella being the star dish in Valencian gastronomy.
  • Its location is privileged, next to the Mediterranean sea. This provides nice and enjoyable summers for bathing and enjoying the beach, and mild temperatures during winter that still allow us to enjoy walks next to the beach. The weather is ideal for visitors.
  • The city is very enjoyable for both walking and biking with no steep slopes, and having one of the largest bike lane infrastructures in Spain, ahead of largest cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

There are many leisure activities to be carried out in the city, such as attending international level sport events, large shopping areas, a vibrant nightlife,massive parks to relax, and good and specialized museums to make cultural visits.